450g Mainline 15mm Boilies

Using the finest quality ingredients, the Mainline Response Boilies are perfect for anglers looking for that prize catch.

Bait- Tech 2k Fishmeal Carp Pellets

Product Description Bait-Tech launch their first ever sinking Carp Feed Pellets in 2kg bags. The laboratory formulated PVA friendly pellets

Bait- Tech Super Seed Particle Mix 2.5litres

Product Features Highest quality hempseed and particles User friendly Ready to use from the can Loose feeding Spod mixes Laying

Bait-Tech Carp and Coarse Soft Hooker Pellets

Soft Hook Pellets are soft, sinking hook pellets which have been designed to be versatile to all fishing situations. Made

Bait-Tech Halibut Marine Pellets

Key Features Top grade pellets High in protein and oil Packed with high leakage attractants Slow breakdown rate Carp go

Bait-Tech Xpand Pellets

XPAND Pellets Xpand pellets are the most sought after and used expander pellet available! Their ease of preparation, consistent texture,


Swim Stim Betaine Green Groundbait. Top match anglers ground-bait of choice. Our premium range of groundbaits containing the best fishmeals available.

Dynamite Frenzied Hemp Groundbait

  • Range of groundbaits using best-selling Dynamite Baits Frenzied Hempseed
  • Proves irresistible to all species
  • Available in great variety of mixes
  • Can also be added to any Silver X groundbait for added attraction

Dynamite Silver X Specimen

  • Heavy, coarse groundbait
  • Packed with particles and attractants
  • Designed for holding big fish in your swim
  • Particle rich groundbait

Korda Carp GOO

By now you’ve probably heard whispers about a bait product so secret and so successful that it’s led to FOUR

Mainline Balanced Wafters

Mainline Baits Cell Balanced Wafters Key Features Highly Attractive Hookbaits Advanced Performance Create Critically-Balanced Hookbait Slow Sinking Buoyancy 250ml Tub

Mainline High Impact Pop Ups

Key Features   Long lasting buoyancy Mainline High impact quality pop ups Infused with potent flavours &attractors High, long term

Mainline Hookbait Enhancement System

All of the Hookbait Enhancement Systems include all the required attractors, sweeteners and enhancers that will help to boost the

Mainline Particle and Pellet Syrup

The Mainline Pro-Active Particle & Pellet Syrup range has been specifically formulated to draw fish into the baited area and

Mainline Stick Mix Liquid

Key Features Mainline Stick Mix Liquid Totally PVA friendly Completely water soluble Designed to be used throughout the year in

Mainline Toppers

Key Features Buoyant hookbaits perfect for topping off other hookbaits Versatility really does epitomise what the Toppers are all about!

Robin Red 15mm Boilies

The Dynamite Baits Robin Red Shelf Life Boilies 15mm, blends Haith's Birdfood with Robin Red for a highly attractive taste, and create a highly digestible fishmeal based boilie.

Robin Red 15mm Pop Ups

These Pop-ups have been made using Haith's finest Robin Red additive which is one of the best carp attractants on the market.

Sensas Killer Krill Groundbait 2k

Sensas Killer Krill Groundbait Sensas Killer Krill Groundbait is part of a generation of highly specific groundbaits developed by our

Special G Red Groundbait

Special G Red Groundbait.
  • Ultimate diverse groundbait
  • The bait is easy to mix
  • Makes for a perfect paste
  • Pungent fishmeal flavours
  • Super attractive to all fish
  • Diverse uses