Blackspur fire blanket manufactured from 100 degrees glass fabric, this blanket is ideal for use in most kitchens, homes and

Fire Extinguisher 950g BSi Approved

AA Branded Fire Extinguisher 950g BSi Approved For Class B,C and fires involving electrical equipment and liquids.

FireAngel 10 Year Smoke Detector

FIREANGEL 10 Year Smoke Detector. 10 year sealed for life Lithium Battery, No need to change batteries. Large test &

FireAngel Optical Smoke Detector SB1

FIREANGEL Toast Proof Smoke Detector SB1-R. 1 Year Replaceable Battery. The FireAngel SB1-R Smoke Alarm has been designed to make

Kidde Compact Carbon Monoxide Detector

Lightweight battery-powered CO alarm. Provides long-term detection against the dangers of deadly carbon monoxide and provides continuous monitoring of CO