4 Way Shot Dispenser

MIDDY Super-Soft Hinge Shot – 4-Way Dispenser FULL DESCRIPTION: Middy shot is produced in a dull finish with a special

Carp Pellet Wagglers Float Selection

Middy Carp Pellet Wagglers 7 Floats Selection, Specifically for commercial carp-lake fishing, supplied in a smart presentation/storage tube.

Float Stops


Hi Viz Pole Connectors

Part of the famous Hi-Viz elastic and accessories range from Middy, these pole Stonfo connectors are the original high-quality Italian type. The quality has been proven over many, many years and all parts click into place perfectly. They do not snap or break, unlike many cheap imported copies. Precision engineered and available in various grades/colours, each with 2pcs per packet - 1-8 Orange, 6-10 Yellow, 12-16 Red and 18-24 Blue.


For stress free fishing, add seat boxtype accessories to your chair with the 30Plus MultiChair Leg Adaptor. Most anglers using a chair find that they have to reach down or across to pick up their rod, which causes a delay in striking and sometimes results in missed bites. This adaptor allows you to drop your hand directly over the rod the instant you get a bite! Its easy to attach to any round legged chair and once affixed it allows you to convert your chair into a fishing station. You can add numerous accessories, including feeder arms, bait trays, rod rests and more. The adaptor will neatly fold away when not in use and does not stop a chair folding down for transportation. Its a brilliant little gadget that should have been thought of years ago!

Lo-Viz Fluorocrystal 100m Line

Key Features One of the Uk’s most popualr lines Slight degree of stretch Perfect for pole, or rod &reel work

Middy Bank Stick (Standard) 16″

Middy’s range of bank sticks covers all of your bank-fixing needs! These ‘Standard’ models are available in 16″ (40cm) and

Middy Bank Stick (Standard) 30″

Middy’s range of bank stick covers all of your bank-fixing needs! These ‘Standard’ models are available in 16″ (40cm) and

Middy Bib & Brace Medium

The Middy MX-800 Bib & Brace utilises weatherproof and breathable material, along with modern trendy designs that look good, feel good and function well when you're out on the bank, whatever the weather conditions.




Key Features

  • Superb tool for loading method feeders
  • Simply press down onto the feeder
  • The press the release button
  • Out drops a perfectly formed loaded feeder
  • It loads Middy Gripper method feeders
  • Ergonomic one-hand release design is brilliant

Middy Hi Viz Elite Pole Roller

Middy Hi-Viz Elite Pole Roller 60cm Twin-Channel, This 60cm-wide twin channel roller can be used at various heights to cover different situations. It is sturdy and stable and revolves with ease. The Hi-Viz orange colour can be seen with a quick glance, ensuring pole safety. It comes complete in a cloth bag and has Twist-Lock adjustable legs and an easy fold-down system for transportation. It is the choice of many elite match anglers.


The KM-2 is an exceptionally strong beak-point hook, with an upturned eye for creating rigs with a hair. The upturned eye allows the hair to hang in-line for better hooking. These hooks are perfect for carp commercials. 10 hooks per pack


Eyed E003 hook to Lo-Viz line. Knotless knot with meat screw on hair. 10" in length. 6 Hooks per pack.


MIDDY MX 2NT DOUBLE STINK BAG MX luggage is hardwearing, totally practical and incorporates many new innovative features. MX-Series configures


Made from hard-wearing, water resistant and easy-clean EVA material, this quality 5-litre mixing bowl incorporates exclusive Hydroseal technology.

Middy MX-100 Recliner Chair

Original price was: £199.99.Current price is: £144.99.

Key Features

  • A revolutionary chair with incredible comfort
  • Ability to fish both the pole and the feeder
  • When fitted with the unique side-bar
  • It folds down to a compact size for ease of transportation
  • Padded head rest with an adjustable back rest
  • Adjustable legs with swivel mud feet
  • Supplied with the side-bar, front rest
  • Up &over rest, back rest, 3 thread stikks
  • An intermediate side tray and a one-way arm
  • A further thread stick to use as a complete keepnet fitting

Middy Padded Rod Case

Original price was: £39.99.Current price is: £19.99.
The MX-RC1 middy padded rod case is made from tough 420 denier nylon material. Featuring a balanced carry handle, the zip is also positioned on the opposite side to the reel to protect against any potential line damage.

Middy Quiver rest

Key Features Quality quiver feeder rest Ideal when fishing the quivertip Suitable on rivers & stillwaters One of the best

Middy Reactacore Hollow elastic

Giving you enough elastic to refit at least two top kits, Middy’s Reactacore is a micro bore elastic that gives a very slight tension increase, resulting in more effective, sensitive, and enjoyable fight, whatever species you’re bringing to the net.

Middy Rod Rest – Front ‘V’

Key Features Middy V Head Rest Strong polymer mini rod rest Comes with a fixed brass thread

Middy StarGrip360 Match Tray

Key Features Middy Star Grip Match Tray, This Big/Match Tray comes complete with StarGrip fittings that allow it to be

Middy Top Notch Roller Sling

Key Features Top Notch Roller Sling This sling roller is superb Unique press-button Top-Notch angle adjustment So you can set

Middy Weigh Cradle

Original price was: £37.99.Current price is: £29.99.
This padded weigh cradle has been specifically designed for commercial competitions and is ideal for both carp and silverfish. It is a generous 24x20" (60x40cm) size, with super soft netting and padding at critical points to protect fish.

Middy xtreme carp x strong HTN

Middy Xtreme Carp X-Strong H.T.N., The KM-4 carbon 110 anti-glint hooks tied to high breaking strain Lo-Viz line at a

Stargrip 360 Universal


Middy Stargrip 360

  • Middy Stargrip 360 is a unique system, designed to affix to seatboxes and chairs to allow arms, rest, rollers, pole sokks, keepnets and bait trays to be attached and set up in multiple ways.
  • It will also fit the older style Octoplus system legs.
  • The system fits many seatboxes with round, square or octagonal legs.

Stillwater Float Pack

Middy Stillwater Float Pack, The Middy Stillwater Float Pack Five stillwater floats plus a disgorger.